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ClaDev Templates for Clarion


ClaDev_MessageLog template allows you to save a log (.txt file) of all the messages generated in your program by the commands MESSAGE / STOP and the action performed by the user to these messages.
Many times you would like to know if the user has received a pop-up message and the button he has pressed. This can help you to solve many problems and errors reported by the user or generated by your program unexpectedly.

More info and download demo here


ClaDev_LibXLExportToExcel template allows you to export to Excel (.xls) file any data from your program (browses, reports or any procedure) at high speed as hundreds or even a thousand records per second!, and don't need to have        MS Excel installed for work!.

More info and download demo here


ClaDev_CDScanner template allows you to get images in your program from any scanner or image device that supports TWAIN method. You can save the image in a BLOB field or a .jpg file.

More info and download demo here


ClaDev_DbLicense template allows you to set a maximum limit of database connections for your program. So, It allows you to price your program according to the number of DB connections,
Ie: a "DB connections license". Supported engines: SQL Server (MSSQL and ODBC drivers) and Firebird.

More info and download demo here


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